What is Jio Fiber || Know features and benefits

What is Jio Fiber ?

Jio Fiber offers ultimate internet experience to explore your Digital Life. JioFiber is the affordable broadband with speed upto 1gbps
It offers the ultimate broadband expertise to suds, sluice, game and work.
JioFiber broadband beats the rest because of its ultra fast upload and download pets & effective functioning in simply ‘ milli seconds ’.
Now, imagine a high speed private internet trace right inside your home.

JioFiber connectivity comes directly to your premise unlike in utmost cases where the fiber reaches only till the structure.
Jio Fiber is a fibre- to- the- home internet broadband service handed by telecom operator Reliance Jio Infocomm, part of the Mukesh Ambani- controlled Reliance group. The service was first announced as Jio GigaFiber in 2018 at the Reliance diligence 41st yearly general meeting. afterward renamed Jio Fiber, Tis is stylish and high speed broadband in India.

The Jio Fiber service is presently under trials at select locales in several metropolises and countries. The FTTH broadband service promises a speed of over to 1 Gigabit per second. either, it would be the core technology enabler behind the GigaTV platform and the company’s products in the internet of thing( IoT) ecosystem.


What Are Benefits for Choosing Jio GigaFiber Broadband Connection?

Jio GigaFiber users get to enjoy ultimate benefits by subsribing the Jio broadband plans.

Here are some benefits of Jio Fiber Optic Fiber:

  • It allows you very fast Internet service.
  • The very ultra-fast unlimited data transfer speeds of JioFiber allow seamless 4k video streamingvideo conferencing, and a wide range of mobile and gaming app.
  • The users can also allows to do very smooth gaming without any network issue
  • The users can be able to download very big files in very less time

The integrated set-top box of Jio is capable of streaming video in 4K resolution.

This allows the user to do console-style gaming with the use of additional joysticks and controllers. You are also able to make HD video calls without buffering and have virtual experience for shopping, school, and other purposes.

Well Shaped Jio fiber Broadband Router

Jio fiber

The shape of Jio Gigafiber is very well and very smooth surface. It has very compatible size.

Presently, the Jio Fiber broadband service is offered at select locales across the country under the company’s exercise offer. In the exercise offer, the broadband service is handed by the company without any cost. But, to gain the connection, a user needs to deposit a refundable security deposit of Rs,500 for a 100 Mbps and Rs,500 for 50 Mbps connection. Though there’s no deadline for the exercise offer, it’s anticipated to end soon after the marketable launch.

Though the company is yet to unveil Jio Fiber plans, Ambani announced at Reliance Industries ’ 42nd yearly general meeting that the Jio Fiber base plan with a 100 Mbps speed would start at Rs 700. The company also participated its plans to launch ‘ Jio ever ’ data plans, in which a free 4K LED TV will be whisked with a Jio Fiber connection set-top box.
The bundled set-top box would be able of streaming 4K resolution content. It’ll also support press- suchlike gaming with support for external joysticks and controllers. It’ll have a provision to make vid calls and also be able of providing mixed reality experience for shopping, education, etc. Besides content from other platforms, the set-top box would come with a made- in suite for Jio apps, for entertainment, educations, cloud services, etc.

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How To Register For JioFiber?

Here are some steps to follow for JioFiber registration:

  1. Visit on www.jio.com/fiber/en-in/book-now
  2. Click on menu buttonGet a new JioFiber connection
  3. Type your address where you want to install Jio Gigafiber
  4. Choose that your home address or work address
  5. Mention all your contact details (your name, mobile number, email ID, etc.)
  6. Pick the plan you want to buy in jio fiber
  7. Click on button ‘Generate OTP’
  8. Confirm the OTP received on your given mobile number
  9. You will get a verification message shows that your interest has been registered

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