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Cashflow 101 Cheats

When you play Cashflow 101 for the first time, the game may appear tough to grasp especially if you’re intimidated by numbers and you’ve got no background in business math.

Don’t let that stop you though because Cashflow 101 is one of the simplest tools for learning regarding money business, finance and accounting.

Here are some “cheats” to let you play Cashflow 101 with confidence. These cheats are merely gameplay recommendation so that they are absolutely legal to use in the game.


  1. When you draw a $1 or $5 stock, purchase the maximum amount as you’ll. actually go ahead and spend all of your money on it stock. when a similar stock comes up at $20, $30 or maybe a lot of, sell instantly for a large windfall. you’ll also try borrowing from the bank to buy the maximum amount of the stock as possible. this can be a no-lose proposition because the stock won’t head to 0 when you play Cashflow 101. you cannot try this in Cashflow 202.
  2. Buy all the houses below little deals though it shows negative cashflow and even if another player Drew the card. Negotiate. don’t worry, you are not imagined to keep it anyway. you will sell all of your houses anyway when the market turns up a house purchaser.
  3. Don’t bother shopping for the condos. sure you may get some $5,000 or $10,000 on a deal but you’ll get such a lot more in different deals as you play Cashflow 101.
  4. Don’t bother shopping for Certificates of Deposit or most well-liked Stocks unless you have got $2,000,000 money or a lot of. If you are doing have that purchase as several units as you’ll. you should be out of the rat race.
  5. Purchase all startup-business deals and raw land available. they bring about huge rewards in a while as you play Cashflow 101 longer.
  6. Continue to just draw little deals as long as you only have but $200,000 dollars. when you get quite that, begin drawing huge deals. you should be ready to purchase any big deal that comes up.
  7.  When you play Cashflow 101, learn to pay off your liabilities. once you do, erase the corresponding expense. this should lower your expenses, increase your monthly cashflow and permit you to urge out of the rat race sooner.

Play Cashflow 101 more usually and you may become richer once each game. Robert Kiyosaki really created a winner in this game.

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