7 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo 2022


Are you still using an office keyboard and mose for Gaming?

So, it’s time to upgrade your keyboard and mouse for the good experience of your gaming. If, you are worry about the price of them, don’t worry I’m here. Today, I can tell you about budget gaming keyboard and mouse combos.

These are affordable combos of gaming keyboard and mouse can be under Rs. 3000 and under $40 also

These keyboards and mouses are very comfortable for gaming. RGB lights are also come in them. It has more attractive user experience.

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Now Let’s Started!

Buying Guide to Keyboard and Mouse

Connectivity :

If you need wired keyboard and mouse, there is no need to worry about batteries charging down as the keyboard and mouse will draw its power from the PC’s USB port. Wireless mouse and keyboards are just as convenient as the wired varieties as just about to every device is now plug and play.  They are extremely easy to set up, usually working via Bluetooth or a small USB dongle pluged in Pc’s usb port.

Size :

The keyboard and mouse you buying should be neither very large nor very small. They should be medium sized, that can easy to carry in a bag.

Comfortable :

The products you can buy should be comfortable to use in Office work, Gaming, etc. You should be feel very good and cool while those keyboard and mouse.

Make sure to keep these facts in mind while choosing best keyboard and mouse combo for gaming and you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

7 Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo : Which one is perfect for you ?

Whenever, You are bored and trying about Gaming, but your old keyboard and mouse shouldn’t give you a better gaming experience, then you think about buying a new combo of Gaming keyboard and mouse. I have provided a list of 7 best budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo for you. Gaming keyboard and mouse under 3000 should be found in list.

Zebronics Zeb-Transformer Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Zeb transformer

Though the best pricing feature combination, the mouse to be really cool; however, the keyboard is not very comfortable.

Keyboard is good for gaming but if you can work in dark and you think about that lighting in keyboard will work as backlight keyboard then you are wrong

You can’t see a single key if you can switch off lights of your room at night and rely on rgb of keyboard.

Mouse fits too good in the hands that. Both mouse and keyboard have RGB lights which is main attraction but u don’t have customization options for lighting like Redgear mouse.

You can only turn off and on lights in mouse can’t change colour or anything else. Keyboard have 3 options of colours and 1 with all colours styles blinking.


  • Backlit
  • Good design
  • Mouse is very comfortable


  • No wrist rest on keyboard

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HP KM300F Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

HP KM300F Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

This combo has Stylish design, integrated metal panel, not easy to rust and scratch resistant also.

The tail is colorful and very cool, the corresponding gear colour flashes when the DPI is adjusted,

The dual mode switch often switches 3S to switch gaming/office mode.

You can use this combo in both Gaming and Office.

Nice looking keyboard and Mouse combo.

About Mouse:
The Mouse having cursor speed control and Additional button on left side helps the user while scrolling and tabbing the browser pages.

 Lights can be changes or turned off as well

About Keyboard:
The keyboard having only Disadvantage of not able to change or stop LED lights.

It have good feel and comfort to hands while typing and it also contains many Multimedia functions

Overall, good to buy – it is a budget Gaming keyboard and mouse Combo!


  • Key travel distance is satisfactory.
  • Good build quality
  • Very compact size.
  • Cord have long & durable quality.


  • No expandable arm/wrist rest.
  • Very limited RGB lighting style

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Cosmic Byte Dark Matter Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Cosmic Byte is a new brand which offers one of the best value for money gaming products on Amazon.

The keyboard includes a solid construction despite being all plastic. you’ll be able to use it for any purpose, whether it’s for office use, home or hardcore gaming, these are the perfect choice .

The keyboard feels very soft. The mouse scroll is smooth and does not have a awkward feeling.

It is a backlit keyboard and mouse combo. The mouse is simple to use. Love the pattern on the mouse provides it a cool gaming feel to it.

It works like a regular mouse but also has 2 buttons on the left side for easier use when using for gaming.

There are rubber feet on the bottom therefore it does not slip and slide around and 2 legs to have your keyboard at an angle if you would like


The top quality product especially for the worth.  If anyone in search of a decent gaming keyboard and mouse for a good worth. so that they should try it.


  • looks very great
  • budget to membrane keyboard
  • very attractive colours
  • the function key next to the light key


  • Could have more than 3 colours
  • some keys lose black layer, hence light comes out from there as well

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Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Zebronics Zeb-War Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

ZEB-WAR gaming keyboard and mouse combo should comes with the various features and design that helps you to get better gaming experience.

The keyboard should be comes with features like disable windows key and the mouse has highly sensitive with 3200DPI.

Take your gaming revolution to next level with the Zeb War keyboard that comes with backlit LED lights. You can select any LED light modes from the 4 modes available in it, including one off mode.

Both the keyboard and mouse come with long braided cable with high quality USB connector.

The keyboard has literally no input lag and ghosting. Even if the user pressed 4-5 keys simultaneously they would all get registered without any issue.

The keyboard feels quite clicks even for a membrane keyboard which makes your gaming experience even more fun.

The mouse is excellent though it’s sensitivity can be hard to manage if you are not used to it. You can simply lower sensitivity in windows or set the DPI setting to 1600 to resolve this.


  • Keys are clicky even for a membrane keyboard.
  • Keys can be removed and replaced easily.
  • The RGB is decent and has various modes but I don’t use it that much.
  • The DPI settings on the mouse work flawlessly.
  • Can’t get better value for money.


  • No user manual in box
  • The keys aren’t backlit The keyboard is a bit bulky

Redgear GC-100 Keyboard-Mouse Combo

Redgear GC-100 Keyboard-Mouse Combo

The Keyboard should comes with 3 Mix LED modes and the Windows Key Lock for gaming hours without any interruption or hassle.

Floating keycaps in the keyboard should perfectly placed which gives clicky sound to user and accurate the results every time the user clicks. It also comes with double Injected Keycaps.

Gaming Mouse also Comes with RGB mode and experience the DPI changes upto 3200 DPI.

Gaming Grade Sensors and Durable Switches are provided for the rough gaming hours. It should be compatible with PCs, laptops and other devices with similar input.


  • Keyboard comes with 3 LED modes
  • Floating keycaps in the keyboard
  • Double Injected Keycaps
  • Gaming Mouse Comes with RGB mode
  • DPI should be change upto 3200 DPI


  • Not compatible for Office work Mouse size is Too small

EvoFox X-Team Fireblade Gaming Keyboard and mouse Combo

The Compact TKL designs with 87 keys and 19 Anti Ghosting Keys boosts your gaming skill to the next level.

Brilliant colour spectrum illuminate the Keyboard with the Breathing Backlit effect

The 7 Coloured cycle breathing LED effects Mouse which is ideal for the marathon gaming sessions

The backlight colour of Keyboard cannot be customizable. However, this combo will ensure you will have a long-lasting experience.

A High-precision optical sensored Gaming Mouse with 6 buttons DPI switch and Ergonomic design provides you the very high comfort during your intense gaming sessions.

Sound produce on typing/playing is very nice. It’s sounds louder than the normal keyboard.

Hence, the mouse has its own feel and this keyboard has its own feel. You will feel like boss after using this monster guaranteed.


  • Compatible size
  • Great Gaming experience
  • Comes with 7 colour LED effects
  • Attractive clicky sound


  • Keys of keyboard are very tight.
  • For FPS games the mouse accuracy is not great.

Ant Esports KM540 Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Non-slip Design Under the keyboard, there are two rubberized holders to prevent keyboard from slip.

Durable braided cord. Micro switches provide crisps and firm clicks. Plug-and-play, no any additional software of firmware is required.

7 Circular and Colourful Breathing Effect Red, Yellow, Blue, Green,  Purple, Pink, Cyan (Warm tips: cannot set in one specific color)

Light-off mode is enabled by: forward/back button + DPI

Side light strips and Adjustable backlit modes are provided in it, Logo leak light design for the gaming mouse, increasing the overall game experience

Unique fuel injection process that can increase the lamp brightness by 50% than competing sets.

Ant Esports KM540 combo comes with Ergonomic Wrist Rest Keyboard that helps gamers for long gaming and typing sessions.

Overall Ant Esports KM580 Is The Best Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo In This Price


  • Built in Palm Rest
  • Non slip design under keyboard
  • Keys are nice and clicky
  • Mouse is perfectly large as it can be used by anyone.
  • Value of money


  • Build quality needs some more refinement
  • The space bar makes different sound than whole keyboard